Our Story

The Mission:

Warrior’s Refuge is a grassroots ministry focusing on the forgotten; men, women, children, and families that have fallen through the cracks.  Offering more than a hand-out, we give a hand-up. Warrior’s is a place of Hope and believe it is by this that broken pieces are assembled together again. 
From job assistance for the unemployed to housing for those living in homelessness, Warrior’s Refuge serves a variety of needs in our community.  Providing food, formula, clothing, and household goods to transportation, identification cards and recovery resources the heartbeat of Warrior’s is assisting those in difficult times to know they are seen, heard, and cared for.  
Warrior’s is part of an ever growing network, working hand-in-hand with the City of Tulsa, local churches, non-profits, charities, and individuals to widen our ability reach those we serve. 

The Vision:

 Bringing awareness to our local community, ministries, charities, and neighbors of the needs directly outside our front doors.  Warrior’s Refuge is filling in the gap of being a very present help in time of need for the orphans and widows, the disenfranchised living in our community. Unifying relationships and networking with like-hearted organizations to abolish despair and breath hope is our vision. 

Marsha Waterman

Marsha Waterman comes to us from Newfoundland, Canada. She is always willing to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. A graduate of Victory Bible School in Tulsa, OK. Missionary overseas and now juggling hats with family and ministry.

Jonathan McCann

Jonathan Mccan celebrates a career at the Tulsa Police Department as a Sargent. He comes to us from Ireland. A published Author. A proud father of a son and two K9 pets. Jonathan’s career and experience prove to be invaluable when law enforcement needs arise.

Parker Smith

Parker Smith is an Attorney at Law focusing in estate planning, business planning, probate and estate administration. He attended the University of Oklahoma School of Law and received his Juris Doctor in December 2003. Parker brings his background and legal expertise to Warrior’s Refuge and is a key contributor in assembling a solid foundation to build upon.

Kris Jantzen

 Kris Jantzen is the Financial Advisor with the American Airlines Credit Union and brings over 17 years of financial planning experience with him. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business from Oklahoma State University and serves as Treasurer for Warrior’s Refuge 

Ose Burnett

Ose Burnett is a talented musician and ministry leader with a cross-cultural style transcending diversity on and off the stage. Freedom, compassion, deliverance, and healing characterize Ose’s heart and passion. With a Bachelor’s in Psychology and founder of First Love Fellowship, Ose is a community leader, world changer, and church planter

James Lawson
Death Star Mechanic
IT Operations

James Lawson is responsible for site creation.  Media architect, along with IT related services.
James Lawson comes from a long line of technical support that start with the Empire and rose to higher ranks with sharp wit (and not so sharp shooting) and a passion for designing and creating solutions.